See the latest features in Cloud Dataprep and explore tips and best practices from our team and fellow users.
See the latest features in Cloud Dataprep and explore tips and best practices from our team and fellow users.
Product Update January 2021


Easily Publish to BigQuery Schema with New Rename Functions
Chances that your data sources have different column constraints than your BigQuery target schema. Check how you can rename multiple columns with uppercase/lowercase, keep characters from left or right, and many more to support your database formats.

Orchestrate Your Data Pipelines on Trifacta Using Plans
Why create a plan? The short answer is to operationalize and automate your entire data pipelines on Cloud Dataprep including calling external http tasks.

Share, Import and Export Plans
Plans can be shared for team collaboration and you can also export and import them to move them from development to production, back up or version your work, or simply archive it.

Get Free Cloud Dataprep Training
Do you want to elevate your data preparation expertise? Google Qwiklabs just released 4 new Cloud Dataprep labs and made them free on the 21st and 22nd of January through a game event. Sharpen your Dataprep skills to design data pipelines for BigQuery data warehouses & data lakes.

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How to Automatically Deploy a Google Cloud Dataprep Pipeline Between Workspaces
Modern Cloud analytics solutions require agility in delivering projects continuously using CI/CD agile practices. Thanks to Cloud Composer, you can automate your Cloud Dataprep flow migration between workspaces.

Setting Up a Data Quality Monitoring Dashboard For Cloud Dataprep Pipelines
What if you could monitor and track your data quality trends each time you refresh your data warehouse or a data lake? Design a Data Quality monitoring dashboard in Data Studio capturing Cloud Dataprep profiling and data quality rules results.

How to Extend Cloud Dataprep by Using BigQuery Javascript UDFs
While Cloud Dataprep already offers an extensive library of transformation functions, you may want to extend them with your own User Defined Functions. Want to try it out?


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