Alteryx Announces Acquisition of Trifacta

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What’s New

Highlights of the newly available features in Trifacta


Trifacta 8.10 Release

Product Highlights
  • Transform your data with our latest SQL-based ELT pushdown on Snowflake, the Data Cloud. Sign up for the preview today.
  • Strengthen your hybrid cloud architecture with SSH Tunneling support on Trifacta.
  • Easily manage privileges on flows, connections, and plans on Dataprep on Google Cloud with an exclusive ‘Workspace Admin” role.
  • Track currently active sessions and users using your administrator privileges, giving you better insights into usage.
  • Additional use case support with new connectors to SurveyMonkey and Xero.

Trifacta 8.9 Release

Product Highlights
  • Custom SQL queries can now be run along with your Trifacta recipe with Pushdown on BigQuery.
  • Pick the desired size of your dataset sample within Trifacta, with an easy-to-use slider.
    Create tasks to delete existing files or folders for better pipeline control.
  • Easy identification of flows to indicate sharing along with the list of collaborators.
    Additional use case support with new connectors to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising Connections, and Presto.
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Trifacta 8.8 Release

Product Highlights
  • Pushdown Optimization became more interesting with full execution from files to BigQuery.
  • SQL scripts can be run easier from the flow interface giving you additional flexibility.
    Run time processing is now possible with Trifacta’s in-memory processing engine on Google Cloud.
  • A wide range of user experience enhancements for better data engineering.
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Trifacta 8.7 Release

Product Highlights
  • Seamless integration between data pipelines and Slack channels, enabling effective communication for orchestration and execution of pipelines.
  • Easier access to Trifacta’s pre-built templates from the flow view. You can now open your favorite template directly from Trifacta flows.
  • Support for all date/time formats and types in BigQuery, expanding support across different formats.
  • Better recipe reviews for faster execution.
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