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What’s New

Highlights of the newly available features


9.7 Release

Product Highlights
  • Restart Plans from Failed Tasks
  • Schema Drift Detection Updates:
  • Toggle Histogram Option
  • Users Can Now Cancel Plan Runs
  • In-VPC Support for Conversions
  • …and more!

9.6 Release

Product Highlights
  • Support for Snowflake on Azure
  • Flow Editors Can Edit Custom SQL Datasets
  • Toggle Data Previews On/Off
  • Job History Page Changes
  • BigQuery Pushdown Support for MERGE operations
  • …and more!
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Designer Cloud 9.5

Product Highlights
  • New product name
  • Snowflake Pushdown Support for Sampling and S3 Data Sources
  • Upsert Support for Snowflake
  • Snowflake JDBC Connector
  • Asset Transfer Via UI + Individual Asset Transfer
  • Edit Recipes with Datagrid Disabled
  • New Flow Parameter Type
  • Flow Import and API Connection Mapping
  • …and more!
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Designer Cloud 9.3/9.4 Releases

Product Highlights
  • Improved Transformer Loading Experience
  • JavaScript UDFs Can Now Be Executed With BigQuery Pushdown
  • Access Plans from Flow Output Panel
  • Job and Plan Emails Now Send by Default
  • Dataset Refresh Expanded to Include JSON Files
  • New Expandable and Collapsible Left Navigation Bar
  • Improved Support for Synapse External Tables
  • Dataprep: Process SQL Jobs and Trifacta Photon in Customer VPC
  • New Connectors for SendGrid, SAP HANA, Denodo, Zoho CRM, DocuSign
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Designer Cloud 9.2 Release

Product Highlights
  • Easier iteration on Trifacta recipes with “lock/unlock column data types.” You now have more flexibility without constantly resetting the data types.
  • Publish arrays natively into Google BigQuery. This is part of our initiative to support a wide range of data types that you can publish directly onto cloud data warehouses such as BigQuery.
  • Faster data loading using Trifacta’s in-memory engine. This increases the number of output tables that can be cached for a recipe.
  • You can now avail additional use cases in your environment with new connectors for:
    • Marketo
    • SFTP support in the AWS cloud
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Trifacta 9.1 Release

Product Highlights
  • Strengthen the hybrid cloud environments with the General Availability of SSH Tunneling Connectivity Support. Data is encrypted during transit, thereby maintaining a secure transport session.
  • Automatically detect schema changes to keep your data accurate and updated continuously. Schema changes are detected for any changes to columns and you can configure your jobs to fail if undesired schema changes are detected.
  • Sample job IDs are now visible in the familiar Transformer view making it easy to quickly start working with your dataset, through better visibility.
  • Preserve and update metadata configuration that can be reused consistently and applied for new flows. This gives you complete flexibility with dataset configurations.
  • You can now have user-specific Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEKs) with Google Cloud Dataflow.
  • You can now avail additional use cases in your environment with new connectors for Instagram Ads.

Trifacta 9.0 Release

Product Highlights
  • Trifacta’s solution for SQL-based ELT on Snowflake is now Generally Available. With full pushdown on Snowflake, the data transformations are directly executed on Snowflake.
  • Keep your data fresh and updated with ‘Dataset Schema Refresh.’ This enables on-demand updating of your imported dataset schemas to capture changes to columns in your datasets.
  • We now provide increased flexibility with data transformations using Javascript User-Defined Functions (UDFs). These are custom functions to address specific use cases that can be imported into your Trifacta recipes.
  • REST API connections are supported on Trifacta enabling a generic interface to relational data. You can create connections to individual endpoints across hundreds of REST-based applications.
  • You can now avail additional use cases in your environment with new connectors for:
    • Zendesk
    • LinkedIn Ads

Trifacta 8.11 Release

Product Highlights
  • You can now choose the size of your dataset samples up to 40 MB, giving you the ability to identify and correct all anomalies.
  • In addition to BQ sources and CSV and JSON files in GCS, sampling job execution is now supported in BigQuery with Trifacta.
  • Publish CSV files even if there are mismatched values, giving you additional flexibility.
  • You can now avail additional use cases in your environment with new connectors for
    • Asana
    • Exact Online
    • Facebook Ads
    • Jira by Atlassian
    • Pinterest
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Trino

Trifacta 8.10 Release

Product Highlights
  • Transform your data with our latest SQL-based ELT pushdown on Snowflake, the Data Cloud. Sign up for the preview today.
  • Strengthen your hybrid cloud architecture with SSH Tunneling support on Trifacta.
  • Easily manage privileges on flows, connections, and plans on Dataprep on Google Cloud with an exclusive ‘Workspace Admin” role.
  • Track currently active sessions and users using your administrator privileges, giving you better insights into usage.
  • Additional use case support with new connectors to SurveyMonkey and Xero.

Trifacta 8.9 Release

Product Highlights
  • Custom SQL queries can now be run along with your Trifacta recipe with Pushdown on BigQuery.
  • Pick the desired size of your dataset sample within Trifacta, with an easy-to-use slider.
    Create tasks to delete existing files or folders for better pipeline control.
  • Easy identification of flows to indicate sharing along with the list of collaborators.
    Additional use case support with new connectors to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising Connections, and Presto.
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Trifacta 8.8 Release

Product Highlights
  • Pushdown Optimization became more interesting with full execution from files to BigQuery.
  • SQL scripts can be run easier from the flow interface giving you additional flexibility.
    Run time processing is now possible with Trifacta’s in-memory processing engine on Google Cloud.
  • A wide range of user experience enhancements for better data engineering.
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Trifacta 8.7 Release

Product Highlights
  • Seamless integration between data pipelines and Slack channels, enabling effective communication for orchestration and execution of pipelines.
  • Easier access to Trifacta’s pre-built templates from the flow view. You can now open your favorite template directly from Trifacta flows.
  • Support for all date/time formats and types in BigQuery, expanding support across different formats.
  • Better recipe reviews for faster execution.
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