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Why ML-Powered Data Preparation is Foundational for Modernizing Analytics

  • ExploreDigits Ravi Hubbly & Trifacta Monte Montemayor

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How Nordea Uses Data to Comply with Financial Regulations

Complying with industry regulations is a deep-seated function for financial institutions, but the ever-changing nature and nuanced complexities of these regulations can be a strain on resources. Today’s institutions are turning to big data to dramatically reduce their response time to regulations and free up resources to focus on revenue drivers. In this video, Executive…

  • Nordea Alasdair Anderson & Paul Lynn

How Business Users are Wrangling Data for Competitive Results

Today’s businesses are faced with figuring out how to deal with an ever-increasing breadth, complexity and importance of new data sources. The rise of social media, IoT, and online interactions/transactions has produced a wealth of valuable new data, yet the majority of it is unfit for traditional tools, such as Excel, because of its volume…

  • Forrester Michele Goetz & Trifacta Joe Hellerstein

Extreme Sports & Beyond: Exploring a new frontier in data with GoPro

The next step in GoPro’s strategy is a recently announced on-demand action sports channel on LG smart TVs, Microsoft Xbox One / Xbox 360. This expanded strategy into content networks and new product offerings brings a set of unique data management challenges. Chief among them: how to make effective use of the massive amounts of…

  • GoPro Josh Byrd & David Winters

How PepsiCo Reduced Analytics Build Time by 90%

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies such as PepsiCo rely on the seamless communication between a large interconnected network. In order to be successful, this network includes suppliers, production facilities, logistics partners and retailers. View this recorded webinar to learn how PepsiCo’s Collaborative Planning Forecasting & Replenishment team leverages Hortonworks & Trifacta to transform raw retail…

  • Hortonworks Eric Thorsen & Trifacta Connor Carreras & Will Davis

Data Wrangling in Financial Services: Fraud Detection Recorded Webinar

Join thought leaders from Trifacta and Cloudera for an on-demand webinar examining how financial institutions are wrangling diverse data in Hadoop to build faster and more accurate processes for uncovering banking or credit card fraud. By working with new sources and combinations of data, analysts are uncovering new signals and insights that can provide more accurate financial risk models and more effectively…

  • Cloudera Steven Totman & Trifacta Will Davis & Chris Moore

Improving Your Customer Programs by Creating a 360 Profile

Watch our recorded webinar where we examined how companies, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, prepare and combine previously unusable unstructured data sources are able to create rich 360 degree customer profiles. Learn how these profiles are used to: Target services more effectively for much greater ROI Improve the customer experience by analyzing 100% of customer data…

  • Trifacta Connor Carreras & Quoc Tran

Wrangling, Metadata and Governance: Supervision VS Adoption

To make better use of the growing volume and variety of your organization’s data, you’ve invested in Hadoop as your data lake. You know that proper governance practices are critical, lest your Hadoop data lake turns into a “swamp” of duplicate datasets, multiple versions of the truth, and a general inability of users to locate…

  • Waterline Data Oliver Claude & Cloudera Mark Donsky

How PepsiCo’s Big Data Strategy is Disrupting CPG Retail Analytics

In this on-demand webinar, supply chain leaders from PepsiCo discuss how by adopting Hortonworks, Trifacta, and Tableau, they’ve been able automate the bulk of their regular data preparation processes and improve the speed and accuracy of their reporting processes.

  • PepsiCo Mark Riegling, Tableau Jeff Huckaby & Hortonworks Camilo Silva

The Evolution of Data Wrangling

As data wrangling solutions have emerged as critical tools for organizational big data initiatives, these technologies have also quickly gained traction amongst analysts and analyst teams working with information at a smaller scale. By making the process of exploring, preparing and joining together diverse data more efficient, data wrangling tools are enabling a growing number…

  • IDC Stewart Bond

Why Data Preparation is Essential to the Analytics Process

With the nature of data evolving rapidly, the ways in which organizations manage information and execute analytics has rapidly changed to adjust to this new reality. The concept of “self-service” is now a guiding principle across every aspect of the analytics process. This movement started with the popularity of self-service business intelligence and data visualization…

  • 451 Research Matt Aslett & Trifacta Will Davis