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Harness the Power of Big Data Analytics

From BI to AI, the need for Big Data and analytics is pervasive and transformational. However, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop or Spark are still quite complicated and not leveraged to their full capacity by business practitioners. New technologies are available to leverage the power of big data platforms for self-service data preparation and automated machine learning to help…

  • DataRobot Raju Penmatcha & Trifacta Connor Carreras

How to Wrangle Data for Machine Learning on AWS

Machine learning outcomes are only as good as the data they are built upon, but preparing data for machine learning is a time-consuming process. The work of preparing data (data wrangling) for analytics can consume over 80% of the project effort. Data wrangling solutions running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help streamline machine learning…

  • AWS Pratap Ramamurthy, Consensus Corp Harrison Lynch & Trifacta David McNamara

Minimizing Model Risk with Automated Data Preparation & Machine Learning

In today’s complicated financial landscape predictive analytics are a necessity for banks to remain competitive, but working with data and developing accurate predictive models is challenging. The quality of predictive output relies on the quality of input. That’s why proper data preparation is such a critical success factor for achieving optimal machine learning results. However,…

  • DataRobot  Seph Mard & Trifacta Chris Moore

The State of Data Preparation in 2018

Over the past few years, data preparation has emerged as a stand-alone category within data management and analytics. A technology category that originated out of joint research across UC Berkeley and Stanford, it is now recognized as a critical technology by end users, organizations and industry analysts alike. Data preparation has evolved tremendously since the category first emerged…

  • Dresner Advisory Services Howard Dresner & Trifacta Will Davis

Top 4 Excel Functions Done Better with Data Wrangling

Analysts have relied on Excel for decades, but as the size, variety, and pace of data accelerates, certain Excel functionality has begun to feel archaic. Today’s data wrangling platforms offer analysts new approaches to preparing data that alleviate Excel bottlenecks. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to leverage data wrangling techniques to execute common…

  • TCB Analytics Tanya Cashorali & Trifacta David McNamara

Getting Started with Trifacta Wrangler

Here is a webinar recording we made demoing the features of Wrangler, our free desktop edition. Wrangler helps users blend, clean, and prepare their data for further analysis. You can also skip ahead to different topics by clicking the links below (note that you will be taken to YouTube to watch the video): 1:05 Create…

  • Trifacta David McNamara

How Kuecker Logistics Onboards Customers 5 Times Faster

Kuecker Logistics Group (KLG) provides logistics management solutions to help their customers increase distribution efficiency. Kuecker’s solution leverages data preparation, artificial intelligence and advanced visualization to optimize supply chain management, value chain management, industrial automation, inventory management and more. This webinar is an opportunity to learn the latest and greatest practices in modern cloud architecture…

  • Kuecker Logistics Matthew Eskridge & Kayla Compton & Trifacta David McNamara

How Nordea Uses Data to Comply with Financial Regulations

Complying with industry regulations is a deep-seated function for financial institutions, but the ever-changing nature and nuanced complexities of these regulations can be a strain on resources. Today’s institutions are turning to big data to dramatically reduce their response time to regulations and free up resources to focus on revenue drivers. In this video, Executive…

  • Nordea Alasdair Anderson & Paul Lynn

How Business Users are Wrangling Data for Competitive Results

Today’s businesses are faced with figuring out how to deal with an ever-increasing breadth, complexity and importance of new data sources. The rise of social media, IoT, and online interactions/transactions has produced a wealth of valuable new data, yet the majority of it is unfit for traditional tools, such as Excel, because of its volume…

  • Forrester Michele Goetz & Trifacta Joe Hellerstein

Extreme Sports & Beyond: Exploring a new frontier in data with GoPro

The next step in GoPro’s strategy is a recently announced on-demand action sports channel on LG smart TVs, Microsoft Xbox One / Xbox 360. This expanded strategy into content networks and new product offerings brings a set of unique data management challenges. Chief among them: how to make effective use of the massive amounts of…

  • GoPro Josh Byrd & David Winters