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The Modern ELT Stack to Win with Cloud Data Warehousing

  • Trifacta Vijay Balasu Trifacta Will Davis AWS Greg Khairallah & Fivetran TJ Holsman
  • Online Webinar
  • January 28, 2021
  • 11:00 AM PDT // 2:00 PM EDT
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Weaponizing Data in the Fight Against White Collar Crimes

In this webinar analyst and advisor Alasdair Anderson will discuss how escalating global white collar crime activity is driving adoption of advanced analytics at a pace never before seen in mature enterprises.  Organizations are having to change the way they deal with data and change the types of data that they utilize. The old data […]

  • Independent Consultant Alasdair Anderson & Trifacta Matt Derda

Cloud Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Prep: Making Them All Work Together

Cloud data lakes and data warehouses, often thought of as generationally-competitive analytics repositories, can in fact be complementary, and work together harmoniously, especially in the cloud. The lake is a great place for landing raw data, exploring it, vetting it and performing bespoke data discovery. The warehouse, on the other hand, works well for data […]

    How Bank of America Uses Data Prep for Faster Reporting

    Knowledge workers typically a) get information b) perform logic on that information and c) finally reach a conclusion and can take action. The time to just clean and prepare data for analysis can cause significant bottlenecks and delay the ability to take any action. Automating these series of tasks, mechanizes repetitive and manual tasks. This […]

    • Bank of America Salah Khawaja & Bank of America Raj Anand & Trifacta Will Davis

    20 Predictions for 2020 from AI to Data Management

    AI, machine learning, cloud, self-service, data governance, etc…there is no shortage of buzzwords in data today. Every organization is seeking to outpace their competition by leveraging data to drive differentiation for their business. To win this race, companies are building up data science teams, investing in faster/more scalable cloud data platforms and utilizing the growing […]

    • Trifacta Will Davis The Bloor Group Eric Kavanagh & The Bloor Group Evren Cakir

    Malwarebytes Performs Marketing Analytics 2x Faster by Democratizing Data Wrangling

    Can you imagine sales leads going stale because your marketing analysts had to manually prepare the data? Malwarebytes can tell you all about it, but they’d rather share the story of how they fixed the problem using a modern data preparation solution from Trifacta on AWS. Malwarebytes now processes 40,000 leads per quarter—in half the […]

    • AWS Chaitanya Hazarey & Trifacta Jie Wu & Malwarebytes Manjunath Vasishta

    Why ML-Powered Data Preparation is Foundational for Modernizing Analytics

    Organizations striving to become data-driven often find themselves facing a number of major challenges, including breaking down data silos across different business units, streamlining data consolidation and transformation to accelerate time-to-insights and facilitating collaboration amongst various teams. Join this live webinar to learn from Ravi Hubbly, President at ExploreDigits (former VP of Analytics at Leidos) […]

    • ExploreDigits Ravi Hubbly & Trifacta Shawn Larsen

    Accelerate Analytics Projects with Data Prep on AWS

    Leveraging the benefits of effective data preparation to help modernize legacy ERP systems is a vital component in modernizing an organizations data workflow systems. Complex pattern matching and parsing of unstructured data requires a great deal of time and effort often utilizing labor intensive hand coding. Join us for this latest Data Science Central webinar to learn how […]

    • B/A Products Co Jacob S J Joseph & B/A Products Co. Samantha Winters & Trifacta Matt Derda

    Balance of Power: Self-Service Analytics Empower Today’s Experts

    The long-fought battle of business and IT is finally giving way to a new era of cooperation, largely thanks to the maturation of self-service analytics. By providing analysts with the tools they need to prepare data efficiently, technical teams can focus on other challenges. The biggest winners are domain experts, who now spend the majority […]

    • The Bloor Group Eric Kavanagh & TreeHive Strategy Donald Farmer & Trifacta Matt Derda

    Expert Roundtable: Overcoming Data Integration and Governance Challenges

    The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing. At the same time, to deliver business value, people need information they can trust to act on, so balancing governance is absolutely critical nowadays, especially […]

    • Actian Pradeep Bhanot & Trifacta Will Davis & SnapLogic Diby Malakar

    Expanding Your Data Science and Machine Learning Capabilities

    Surviving and thriving with data science and machine learning means not only having the right platforms, tools and skills, but identifying use cases and implementing processes that can deliver repeatable, scalable business value. The challenges are numerous, from selecting data sets and data platforms, to architecting and optimizing data pipelines, and model training and deployment. In […]

    • Cloudera Bethann Noble & TigerGraph Gaurav Deshpande Trifacta Will Davis & DBTA Stephen Faig