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How Inhabit IQ Automates Data Pipelines from Staging to Snowflake

  • Inhabit IQ Misagh Jebeli

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How to Automate your Cloud Data Warehouse

Every organization is a new data challenge. Do you start with a strategy of front-end data analysis to guide your priorities or use data on the backend to track past performance? How do you provide a repeatable, scalable, and accurate automated data analytics pipeline? How do you turn non-technical savvy business professionals into data-led individuals?…

  • Trifacta Bertrand Cariou & Callahan Zack Pike & Data Science Central Sean Welch

Accelerating Marketing Analytics Time-To-Value by 99.5% at PlusUp With the Google Cloud Ecosystem

The main benefit of a cloud-based modern data stack such as Google Cloud, is the ability to have an analytics framework ready in minutes. Yet, data needs to be plugged into the system and flow steadily and accurately to power up analytics insights. In this webinar, PlusUp will share their experience leveraging Fivetran for data…

  • PlusUp James Wilcox & Trifacta Bertrand Cariou Google Cloud Ryan Lippert & Fivetran Sean Spediacci

How Self-Service Data Preparation Enables the Most Complex Audit in the World

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has the largest operating budget in the world. Given the agency’s operational complexity, creating a unified view of data for common reporting processes such as a financial audit is extremely difficult due to the thousands of different business and accounting systems spread throughout the department. Each of these…

  • Trifacta Adam Wilson & Booz Allen Hamilton Graham Evans & Trifacta Brian Shealey

How Autodesk Used Automation to Accelerate Analytics by 66%

Due to the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, every company needs to do more with less. This has sparked a massive effort within organizations large and small to modernize processes, incorporate automation wherever they can and utilize data to increase the efficiency of their operations. However, not all operations are intuitive to automate and…

  • Autodesk John Gardner & AWS Anoop Sunke & Snowflake Carlos Bouloy & Trifacta Matt Derda

Best Practices for Pricing Optimisation with Proper Data Preparation

Accurate pricing is one of the biggest influences on profit growth. However, obtaining a profit of 1% isn’t easy, especially since progress towards optimal pricing is not linear.  This Webinar will highlight the need and the processes for preparing clean data for modern pricing implementations. Data preparation can take up to 80% of the entire…

  • Trifacta Co Bertrand Cariou & TheTopLineLab. Dr. Manu Carricano

Automate Self-Service Data Warehousing for Any Size Business

How can you transition your business analytics from a manual, slow, and prone to error data transformation process in Excel into a reliable and automated solution to empower your employees with a self-service data warehouse in the cloud? In this latest Data Science Central webinar, you will learn from an experienced practitioner: Best practices to…

  • High Fashion Luxury Goods Manufacturer Geoffroy de Viaris & Trifacta Bertrand Cariou

Weaponizing Data in the Fight Against White Collar Crimes

In this webinar analyst and advisor Alasdair Anderson will discuss how escalating global white collar crime activity is driving adoption of advanced analytics at a pace never before seen in mature enterprises.  Organizations are having to change the way they deal with data and change the types of data that they utilize. The old data…

  • Independent Consultant Alasdair Anderson & Trifacta Matt Derda

Cloud Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Prep: Making Them All Work Together

Cloud data lakes and data warehouses, often thought of as generationally-competitive analytics repositories, can in fact be complementary, and work together harmoniously, especially in the cloud. The lake is a great place for landing raw data, exploring it, vetting it and performing bespoke data discovery. The warehouse, on the other hand, works well for data…

How Bank of America Uses Data Prep for Faster Reporting

Knowledge workers typically a) get information b) perform logic on that information and c) finally reach a conclusion and can take action. The time to just clean and prepare data for analysis can cause significant bottlenecks and delay the ability to take any action. Automating these series of tasks, mechanizes repetitive and manual tasks. This…

  • Bank of America Salah Khawaja & Bank of America Raj Anand & Trifacta Will Davis