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Harnessing the Power of AI/ML to Accelerate Analytics, Business, and IT Operations

  • Faction Matt Wallace & Trifacta Shyam Srinivasan & Progress TBD

The Data Engineering Cloud: Visualize the Transformation with Trifacta

Over the past two decades, we have watched as data has become increasingly strategic to nearly every organization. During that time we have lived through the evolution from Big Data (new challenges) to Data Science (new projects) to Data Engineering (new practices). The next step is now in sight: an open and inclusive Data Engineering […]

  • Trifacta Joe Hellerstein & Jeff Heer

Building the Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake – Results of New TDWI Best Practices Research

For years, TDWI research has tracked the modernization and evolution of data warehouse architectures, as well as the emergence of the data lake design pattern for organizing massive volumes of analytics data. The two have recently converged to form a new and richer data architecture. The architecture is fairly new, and not many organizations have […]

  • TDWI Fern Halper & James Kobielus

Dive Deeper into Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and How it Accelerates Analytics

As a company dedicated to partnering with businesses on their analytics journey, SpringML knows exactly which tools can accelerate progress and solve complex data problems. One such technology is Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta, a cloud data preparation service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Join Google Cloud, SpringML, Trifacta, and Carahsoft to learn how Cloud Dataprep […]

  • Trifacta Co Brian Shealey & SpringML Eric Clark

Let’s Connect! What’s New in Trifacta’s Winter ’21 Release

We’ve been busy so far in 2021 getting new features into Trifacta that we are excited to show you. Our Winter ’21 release includes the addition of many new connections to source data, the introduction of flow examples and templates, a lots more! Learn more about these features and more during our webinar on Thursday, […]

    The Modern ELT Stack to Win with Cloud Data Warehousing

    Join technical leaders from Fivetran, Trifacta and AWS, for a live webinar on the rise of ELT architectures for cloud data warehousing and why they have become the de facto standard in cloud analytics. In this session, you will learn: Why ELT has taken the place of ETL in the cloud How to develop an […]

    • Trifacta Vijay Balasu Trifacta Will Davis AWS Greg Khairallah & Fivetran TJ Holsman

    How SPAR Created a CPG Sales Data Exchange with Data Preparation

    SPAR is one of the world’s largest food retailers operating more than 13,000 stores in 48 countries across the globe. To understand sales trends, market conditions and the performance of different promotions, SPAR relies on data shared by their retailers and their own ability to analyze that data. You can imagine this isn’t easy! Comparing […]

      Cloud Data Warehouse Automation at Greenpeace International

      The cornerstone of fleet management is maritime reports, which record everything that has happened onboard any given ship in the past 24 hours. The difficulty of quickly analyzing these reports is that each captain sends different data, resulting in a complex mixture of Excel, Google Sheets and applications accessible via APIs.  The solution? An end-to-end […]

      • Trifacta Bertrand Cariou Greenpeace Torbjorn Zetterlund & Data Science Central Sean Welch

      Accelerate Analytics Projects with Trifacta on AWS

      Traditional code-based approaches to preparing data for machine learning are tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. Cleaning and preparing data represent 80 percent of the work in a machine learning project. To solve this problem, Amazon and Trifacta have teamed up to introduce Intelligent Automation for AI/ML Data Prep, and we want to show you how it […]

      • Datanaya Gurminder Kandola Trifacta Rehan Sadiq & AWS Subodh Kumar

      How the United States Air Force is Transitioning to Self-Service Analytics in the Cloud

      The United States Air Force (USAF) works with a diversity and scale of data that most organizations can hardly comprehend…let alone make use of. The process of turning raw data into actionable insights to inform operations and deliver mission success is something the USAF has recognized needs to happen faster, simpler and at scale. This […]

      • USAF Eileen Vidrine & USAF Lauren Knaussenberger Trifacta Adam Wilson & Trifacta Will Davis