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Trifacta Legends Hall of Fame

Honoring our customers


We empower our customers towards intelligent business decisions by helping them deliver consumable data. Going above and beyond with their data is the hallmark of Trifacta users. It is our privilege to recognize their work on the Trifacta Legends Hall of Fame.


Trifacta Legend December 2021


Steve Wilkinghoff

Founder & President, BizDog

Steve Wilkinghoff leads BizDog, which focuses on data analytics. As an expert with data analysis, Steve advises businesses on marketing spend, cash flow, and helps uncover hidden profits. BizDog delivers a marketing solution powered by Trifacta, and is used by companies worldwide.

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Previous Trifacta Legends

Trifacta Legend May 2021
Casey Butcher
Assistant Dealer, Rezco Asset Management

As a trader at Rezco Asset Management, Casey is involved in the execution of trades such as bonds, equity, cash, derivatives and more. Casey receives a large amount of daily reports from brokers detailing their trades. She uses Trifacta to filter, clean and standardize the data in these reports so it can be fed to internal databases and used by anyone within the company.

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Trifacta Legend April 2021
Kevin Schaefer
Senior Data Engineer, Amway

Kevin is part of a core team of data engineers/scientists/analysts who have been tasked to design and implement digital transformation at Amway. Supported by nearly 20 years of experience in data analysis, visualization, and architecture, his current engineering role involves building capability infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

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Trifacta Legend February 2021
Ofir Kimberg
Product Manager, aQurate

As a Product Manager at aQurate, Ofir helps customers in Israel deploy Trifacta and design the method for approaching new projects. Because she is an expert level Trifacta user, she also provides training and guidance to other users on solving problems such as restructuring complex JSON or using transactional data for analysis.

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How to apply for the Trifacta Legends award

You can nominate either yourself or a co-worker who you think has done some groundbreaking work with data by submitting this form. Nominations will be accepted between the 1st and 15th of every month and the winner will be announced by the end of the month. Winners cannot re-apply for 6 months after they have been awarded. We look forward to reading about all your work and results with Trifacta.

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