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Support Policy


Effective Date: October 1, 2018

  • 1. PROVISION OF SUPPORT. Trifacta shall provide Support for the Trifacta Software as set forth herein during the Term.
  • 2. DEFINITIONS. All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning set forth in Trifacta’s Terms and Conditions, except as otherwise defined herein.
    • 2.1 “Customer Contact” means an individual employee of Customer who is trained in the use of the Trifacta Software and who has been designated by Customer as the contact person for the reporting and resolution of any Errors hereunder. Customer may have two (2) Customer Contacts at any one time.
    • 2.2 “Error” means any failure of the Trifacta Software to comply with its Documentation. Error Levels will be defined as follows:
      • 2.2.1 Level 1 – Critical Business Impact — The production environment is completely inoperative or inaccessible to all users.
      • 2.2.2 Level 2 – High Business Impact — Issues with severe product impact to a majority of users.
      • 2.2.3 Level 3 – Medium Business Impact — The productivity and usage of the Trifacta Software is slightly impaired
      • 2.2.4 Level 4 – Low Business Impact — No measurable impact to productivity or an enhancement request
    • 2.3 “Fix” means the repair or replacement of object or executable code versions of the Trifacta Software or documentation to remedy an Error.
    • 2.4 “Update” means a release of the Trifacta Software that corrects any defects, error or bugs or incorporates minor enhancements to the functionality, which is generally made available to customers of the Trifacta Software at no additional charge and that is designated by Trifacta by a change in the second and subsequent digit(s) to the right of the decimal point of the version number. Updates shall not include any Upgrade, or any modules, products or services that are priced and licensed separately from the Trifacta Software.
    • 2.5 “Upgrade” means a release of a separate version or the Trifacta Software that incorporates significant additional or improved features functionality or capability and which Trifacta generally makes available to its customers at an additional charge.
    • 2.6 “Workaround” means a change in the procedures followed or data supplied by Customer to avoid an Error.
    • 3.1 Errors. A Customer Contact may report an Error by providing Trifacta with (a) a description of the Error, (b) a preliminary classification of the Error; and (c) the contact telephone number and e-mail address for the Customer Contact to whom Trifacta should report the Error status (collectively, the “Error Report”). Trifacta will acknowledge Error Reports within one (1) business day. Trifacta will (a) assign Trifacta engineers to correct the Error; (b) notify Trifacta management that Errors have been reported and of steps being taken to correct Error(s); and (c) initiate work to provide Customer with a Workaround or Fix. Trifacta reserves the right to review and change the classification of an Error in Trifacta’s reasonable discretion.
    • 3.2 Miscellaneous Technical Support. Trifacta may, in its sole discretion, provide limited additional technical support by providing general assistance and advice related to the Trifacta Software, its performance, and/or general advice regarding the compatibility of the Trifacta Software with other software or systems. Customer may engage Trifacta to perform additional services related to Customer’s use of the Trifacta Software subject to a mutually agreed upon Statement of Work.
    • 3.3 Exclusions from Technical Support. Trifacta will have no obligation to address Errors caused by: (v) any improper configuration or implementation of the Trifacta Software not done by Trifacta; (w) any use of the Trifacta Software in violation of the Trifacta Terms and Conditions or Documentation; (x) any modification of the Trifacta Software not made by Trifacta; (y) any use of the Trifacta Software on a system that does not meet Trifacta’s minimum standards; or (z) any software other than the Trifacta Software or any hardware.
  • 4. UPDATES
    • 4.1 Updates. Trifacta will provide Customer any Updates for Trifacta Software that Trifacta releases on a general commercial basis without requiring additional consideration to its other customers of the Trifacta Maintenance Services.
    •  4.2 Upgrades. Customer shall receive Upgrades which Trifacta makes generally available to its customers as a part of Support.
  • 5. VERSION SUPPORT. Trifacta will provide Support for Trifacta Software for sixteen (16) months from the date of General Availability.