Trifacta Online Training

Trifacta Online Training

Welcome to Trifacta's Online Training Course!

In the video below; we'll briefly cover the structure of our online class, pre-requisites, and give a general overview of Trifacta Wrangler and Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise. Our online training is designed to give you a well-rounded knowledge of Trifacta's transformation capabilities. The course is broken up into several individual lessons each containing three or more smaller chapters covering a wide variety of concepts. This is a hands-on lab and includes downloads of datasets and step-by-step instructions.

To get started, you'll want to download and install our free Trifacta Wrangler or have your enterprise environment available. 


START ONLINE TRAINING HERE: Lesson 1 - Introduction to Trifacta

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last updated 8.2.2016