LESSON 3: Trifacta Basics

LESSON 3: Trifacta Basics

Duration: 30 minutes

Chapter 3A - Filtering: Keep, Delete

In this chapter, you will:

  • Use the Data Quality Bar to Filter your records and generated Suggested Script Lines
  • Understand how to use the following transforms:
    • Keep
    • Delete

Downloadable Resources:

Chapter 3B - Changing Datatypes: Settype

In this chapter you will:

  • Learn how to change data types in the Transformer
  • Understand the following transformations:
    • Settype
    • Merge

Downloadable Resources:

Chapter 3C - String Functions

In this chapter, you will learn how to use the following functions:

  • Proper Case
  • Lowercase
  • Uppercase

Downloadable Resources:

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keywords: keep, delete, settype, data quality bar, column browser, propercase, lowercase, uppercase, set, derive, column histogram
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