ERROR: 'No Internet Connection' in Trifacta Wrangler

ERROR: 'No Internet Connection' in Trifacta Wrangler

Problem Description
Trifacta Wrangler will not launch, and displays the following error message: "No internet connection"

Cause #1
This error message occurs when Trifacta Wrangler is having trouble detecting your computer's internet connection settings. 

Solution #1
  • Click the link 'Configure Proxy Settings'
  • Ensure that all fields are empty.
  • Click 'Save Proxy Settings and Restart'
We are currently investigating the cause of this connectivity issue and and will push an update as soon as it is available.

Cause #2
This error message occurs when you are trying to access Trifacta Wrangler on a network that is protected by a network proxy. Downloads after June 27, 2016, have automatic detection for system-level proxy settings and should require no user action.

Solution #2

Downloads/installs prior to June 27, 2016 --
After reinstallation, Wrangler will auto-detect your network settings. If you are still experiencing troubles after reinstallation, please contact us at

Custom Settings
To apply custom proxy settings (not common, 
most settings will be automatically detected), please complete the following configuration steps to access the Trifacta servers:

In the 'No internet connection' dialog, click Configure Proxy Settings. Please provide the following configuration information for your proxy server:
  • Proxy Host: The URL of the proxy server. Please include the protocol identifier (e.g. http:// https:// or ).
  • Proxy Port: The port number to use to connect to the proxy server. In a URL, this value appears after a colon (e.g.
  • Username: (optional) If your proxy requires a username to access, please enter it here.
  • Password: (optional) Password associated with the username.
Click Save Proxy Settings and Restart. When the application restarts, you should be able to connect to the login screen. 

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