HOW TO: Create an Object of Key-Value Pairs

HOW TO: Create an Object of Key-Value Pairs


An object stores information in a key-value pair, where the key is the a string and the value is the corresponding value for that record. An example of an object is as follows:

{"First Name": "John", "Last Name": "Doe", "Age": 35}

There are several ways to create Objects in Trifacta, depending on the data within the column(s) you would like to create an object from.

To create an object from multiple columns:

  1. Click on the column headers for the columns you would like to convert to an object
  2. Choose the Suggestion to Nest into an Object
  3. Add to Recipe

To create an object from information within a single column:

  1. Highlight a key within a row (Note: highlighting the first key will not generate the proper suggestion
  2. Highlight a different key within a second row
  3. Scroll through the suggestions until you find the Extract key/value pairs suggestion
  4. Add suggestion to your Recipe