HOW TO: Filter a Dataset

HOW TO: Filter a Dataset

You can filter a dataset in Trifacta based on the values contained in a column.

1. In the Transformer Grid, brush over an example of the value that you want Trifacta to use as a filter. In the following image, we have selected the text that says “MTC”:

2. Trifacta generates a set of cards containing suggested transforms.

3. Click the suggestion card that contains the Keep transform:

The Keep transform retains rows that contain the specified value.

4. Trifacta updates the Transformer Grid with a preview of the result of the Keep transform:

By default, the Keep transform will highlight the selection that was brushed over in the Transformer Grid.

5. If you want to change the replacement value for the selection, click on the Keep transform card, and then click the Modify button:

6. You can modify the Keep transform in the Transform Editor. The following image shows the Keep transform that will retain rows where the “CALL_TYPE” column contains either “MTC” or “MOC3”:

7. The preview in the transformer grid updates to show your new Keep transform selection:

The rows that will be retained in the dataset are colored green in the Transformer Grid.

8. When you are satisfied with the transform, click Add to Script.

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