BEST PRACTICE: Methods for Transforming a Dataset

BEST PRACTICE: Methods for Transforming a Dataset

To transform your datasets, you build a series of steps in your transformation recipe. You can build your steps using the following methods:
  • Make selections: Choose something in the data grid. At the bottom of the screen, suggestion cards are provided based on your selection and accumulated intelligence from usage of the platform.
  • Transform Builder: Using Builder, you can select transformations, browse available functions, and preview your steps before adding them to your recipe. This method is similar to common function builders in other applications.
  • Edit Wrangle Steps: If needed, you can edit the raw Wrangle language step in the Transform Editor for fine-tuning of your recipe.

Suggestion Cards:
Suggested transformations via suggestion cards, are a powerful feature of the Transformer page.

Using click and drag, the text "wine_alcohol:N" has been highlighted in the first row and then "wine_alcohol:Y" has been highlighted in the fourth row, which generates several suggestion cards and a preview of the top suggestion in the grid. In the image below, the replace suggestion has been selected, and the preview is updated:

As needed, you can modify your selection:
  • Select a different suggestion card, and the preview is automatically updated.
  • Click one of the other dots on the currently selected suggestion card to see a different variation of the same transform.
  • Suggestions can take multiple highlights into account. Selecting additional text yields more appropriate suggestions.
Below, the suggestion card for the extract transform has been selected, and the preview is updated:

You can perform more detailed modifications to the current step. To edit, click Modify, which opens the Transform Builder.

Transform Builder:
The Transform Builder is a menu-driven interface for rapidly assembling transformation steps. You can type or select the transform to add, after which the available parameters are listed for you to populate. Browse for functions and make your selections; the preview is automatically updated for you.

When Transform Builder is open, click Switch to editor in the panel at the bottom of the screen to open the currently configured Wrangle step in the Transform Editor.

NOTE: The Transform Editor allows you to edit your steps in the native Wrangle language. For most users and situations, this method is unnecessary.

To learn more about Wrangle, the language in use, check out the Trifacta Wrangle Language topic in the Articles section of the support portal.

To the step to your recipe, click Add to Recipe.

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