ESSENTIALS: Wrangling Data

ESSENTIALS: Wrangling Data


At Trifacta, we emphasize the importance of Human-Computer interaction. As such, everything in the Transformer Page allows for human input and interaction. From most accessible to most flexible, we'll outline the three core access points to wrangling your data in Trifacta

Predictive Interaction

Based on your interaction with the data, Trifacta's machine learning algorithms will generate suggestions for possible transformations. All of the following examples will generated suggestions based on your interaction:

Highlight data in the grid: 

Click or brush over values in the columns histogram, both in the transformer grid and the column details page:

Click on the green, red, or black sections of the data quality bar:

Click on the column header of one or multiple columns:

Click on the dots corresponding to each row:

Contextual Menus

Contextual Menus give you easy access points to transformations based on the context of the data in each column. These menus can be accessed via:

Individual column menus:

Multi-column Selection in the Columns view:


The most flexible option is usually to define your own transformation through builder.

Through builder you can create any possible transformation, and is the interface used when modifying the above transformations:


Each transformation step you create can be seen in the Recipe panel

At any step in the transformation process, you can modify existing steps, delete steps, copy steps, or insert new steps:

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