ESSENTIALS: Connecting to Data

ESSENTIALS: Connecting to Data


In order to perform any transformations, you must first connect to the data you wish to perform transformations on.

Creating a Flow

A flow is your hub for organizing and managing datasets used to generate results. You must create a flow and add a dataset to that flow in order to Wrangle that data.

From here you can add additional datasets or jump into the Transformer Page.

Adding datasets to your flow

Once your Flow is created, you can add additional datasets by:

importing data from your local machine:

importing data from a relational database, hadoop file system, or JDBC:

or adding data from existing flows:

Once data is added to your flow, you can now start Wrangling.

Entering the Transformer Page

The Transformer Page is where all the actual wrangling takes place.

You can access this page in two ways:

Click on the Recipe icon in your flow, and click Edit Recipe:

Or click on the Wrangled Dataset icon and then click Edit Recipe:

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