Version 4.0 Release Notes

Version 4.0 Release Notes

  • The new flow detail page includes a visual representation of your flow and detailed information about its datasets and recipes. From the Flow View page, users can swap datasets and run jobs, too. See Flow View Page.
Transformer Page:
  • Column width settings now persist across transform steps, other actions, and user sessions. See Transformer Page.
  • Wrangle steps can now be displayed in natural language. See Data Grid Panel.
  • New column menu shortcuts allow you to quickly assemble recipe steps from menu selections, based on a column's data type. See Column Menus.
  • New column browser streamlines interactions involving multiple columns. See Column Browser Panel.


  • Enhanced pattern profiling enables streamlined processing of fixed-width datasets.


  • Window transform now supports use of aggregation functions. See Window Transform.
  • New NOW and TODAY functions.
  • New ROLLINGSUM function computes the rolling sum over a specified number of rows before and after the current row. See ROLLINGSUM Function.
  • New ROLLINGAVERAGE function computes rolling average over a specified window. See ROLLINGAVERAGE Function.
  • New ROWNUMBER function computes the row number for each row, based on order and optional grouping parameters. See ROWNUMBER Function.
  • New COUNTA function can be used to count the number of non-null values in a column based on order and grouping parameters. See COUNTA Function.
  • New COUNTDISTINCT function counts distinct number of values in a specified column. See COUNTDISTINCT Function.
  • Four new functions for testing conditional data validation: IFNULL, IFMISMATCHED, IFMISSING, and IFVALID. See Type Functions.
  • New *IF functions for each available aggregation function. See Aggregate Functions.
  • For more information, see Changes to the Language.
  • set and settype transforms now work on multiple columns.
  • Recipe steps are now displayed in natural language format by default in the recipe panel and suggestion cards.
  • Some functions have been renamed to conform to common function names.
  • For more information, see Changes to the Language
Key Bug Fixes:
  • Photon fails to compress output file and is forced to restart on download.
  • Publish to Redshift fails for single-file outputs.
  • Join tool hangs due to mismatched data types.
  • When Photon is enabled, no sample data is displayed when joins yield a data mismatch.
  • After Release 3.2.1 upgrade, data grid in the Transformer Page no longer displays any data in the sample, even though data is present in the pre-upgrade environment.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit 'Product Docs' from the User Preferences menu within Trifacta.

Enterprise v4.0 released 03.03.2017
Wrangler v4.0 released 03.06.2017

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