Strata + Hadoop World
March 29 – 31

Strata San Jose 2016

Join us at Strata + Hadoop World at the San Jose Convention Center. Attend our session, or stop by booth #831 to learn why Trifacta was recently ranked #1 in the second annual Dresner Advisory Services End-User Data Preparation Market Study.

Wei Zheng

VP of Products, Trifacta

Wrangling, metadata, and governance: Supervision vs. adoption

LL21 A

Wei Zheng discusses how data-wrangling solutions not only enable users to explore and prepare diverse data in Hadoop for analysis but also ensure that the metadata and data lineage created through this process are appropriately tracked and visible to others in the organization. When utilized effectively, metadata can help foster greater sharing and collaboration across users, boost productivity of data wrangling and analysis, and solve administration challenges of data lake governance.

Joe Hellerstein

UC Berkeley & Co-Founder, Trifacta

Vikram Sreekanti

Berkeley AMP Lab

Grounding big data: A meta-imperative

Location: 210 D/H

Metadata services are a critical missing piece of the current open source ecosystem for big data. Joe Hellerstein and Vikram Sreekanti give an overview of their vendor-neutral metadata services layer, Ground, through two reference use cases at UC Berkeley, genomics research driven by Spark and courseware using Jupyter Notebooks.

Joe Hellerstein

UC Berkeley & Co-Founder, Trifacta

Seshadri Mahalingam

Sr. Software Engineer, Trifacta

Architecting Immediacy: The Design of a High Performance, Portable Wrangling Engine

Room LL21 E/F

Seshadri Mahalingam and Joe Hellerstein discuss their high-performance data-transformation engine, Photon, which provides immediacy to the data-wrangling experience. They demonstrate how to make the most of modern processors from both the browser and the desktop, with a focus on issues specific to the variety of big raw data, including heavy string manipulation and statistical data profiling.

Charting a Path Forward: The Future of Data Visualization

Trifacta Co-founder & CXO, Jeffrey Heer, shares his perspective on how end user data visualization technologies need to evolve from designers to decision makers, and from specification to exploration.

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