Strata + Hadoop World New York
Sept 27-29

Strata NYC 2016

Join us at Strata + Hadoop World at the Javits Convention Center at booth # 539. Attend one of our sessions or our customer session, and stop by booth #539 to learn why Trifacta is the #1 Data Wrangling solution for enterprise companies.

Sean Kandel

Co-Founder and CTO

The devil is in the details: Interactive, multiscale visualization of data lineage

Room 1 E10/1 E11

Sean Kandel presents novel interactive visualizations for exploring data lineage across multiple levels of detail. From high-level overviews of input-output relationships to fine-grained column dependency tracking, Sean explains how analysts can rapidly navigate lineage data and formulate provenance queries to gain insight into how data is being processed and transformed. By incorporating summary statistics, distributions, and data quality metrics, these visualizations can further augment lineage views to jointly inspect schema-level metadata and the results of large-scale data processing.

Taposh Roy

Technical Data Science Executive & Advisor

Rajiv Synghal

Chief Architect, Big Data Strategy

Sabrina Dahlgren

Director of Strategic Analysis

Big Data in Healthcare

Room: 3D 01/02/11/12

Kaiser rolled out the first electronic medical records (EMR) system in the inpatient setting in 2005. It was fully deployed in all regions and medical centers by 2010. Electronic medical records at Kaiser Permanente include not only the health plan view of the data, but also pharmacy, insurance claims, hospital, and provider views.

Hear how Trifacta helps Kaiser deal with the challenge of breaking the silos, developing a collaborative culture, and making their 200,000 person organization more data-driven.

Connor Carreras

Senior Customer Success Manager, Trifacta

Doug Stradley

Director of Customer Success, Trifacta

Top Data Wrangling Use Cases in Enterprise Analytics

Room: 1b 03/1B 04

Connor Carreras and Doug Stradley of Trifacta’s customer success team will discuss how Trifacta customers are driving value and insight with data wrangling. Their session will include real-world examples of how organizations such as PepsiCo, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Kaiser Permanente are leveraging data wrangling to accelerate the analysis processes, and uncover new sources of business value by incorporating new data sources that were previously too difficult to work with. They will also address common questions around data wrangling such as, “Where do data wrangling tools fit? Who are the ideal users? How are security and data governance managed?”


Customer Appreciation Reception

Clyde Frazier Wine & Dine
485 10th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Before you head over to the official “Data after Dark” event at the Intrepid Naval Aircraft carrier at Pier 89,  stop by for refreshments at New York City’s premiere sports-themed restaurant launched by beloved NY Knicks basketball star Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Unwind after a full day at Strata by joining Trifacta and Streamsets for an evening reception. Network with industry experts and peers. Meet with Trifacta and Streamsets customers, executives, and product experts to discuss the rapidly changing big data and BI industry landscape over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

There’s a great chance that Clyde will stop by to mingle with our VIP guests. Space is limited and we’re expecting a sell out crowd, email us to reserve your invitation today.

See you at Strata + Hadoop World!

Data Relativism and the Rise of Context Services

In this Strata London 2016 keynote, Trifacta co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Joe Hellerstein explains why today we take a far more relativistic view: the meaning of data depends on the context in which it is used. New technologies like end-user data wrangling make this "data relativism” increasingly accessible to a variety of people with different incentives and viewpoints. Joe explores the significant new technology challenge this relativism raises: how can software services help us capture the many contexts and uses of data in an organization, and what could we do with that nuanced, multifaceted knowledge.

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