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2015 Strata + Hadoop World New York City Sept 29-Oct 1

Join us at Strata + Hadoop World at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Attend one of our three sessions or stop by booth #737 to see how our solution can empower your analysts to wrangle and uncover insights hidden in your company’s data.

Joe Hellerstein

Trifacta | UC Berkeley

Big data at a crossroads: Time to go meta (on use)

Data Innovations
Location: 1 E18 / 1 E19

In its early days, Hadoop was notable as a vibrant open source community, which rallied around a common architectural hypothesis and an open software ecosystem. More recently, Hadoop has evolved into a marketplace, supporting a growing variety of goods and services. Read More

Doug Stradley

Trifacta | Director of Customer Success

Matt Derda

PepsiCo | CPFR Analyst

How Pepsi Wrangles the Diverse Data of Consumer Packaged Goods

Location: Room 1 E6/1 E7

The success of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies relies on the seamless communication between a large interconnected network of suppliers, production facilities, logistics partners, retailers, etc… Despite this heavy reliance on coordination, each member in this network generates and shares information in a wide variety of data volumes and formats — making it difficult for CPG organizations to analyze, compare, and share date between members of their network. In this talk, Pepsi analyst, Matt Derda and Trifacta Director of Customer Success, Doug Stradley discuss how data wrangling can empower CPG companies to analyze these disparate data sources holistically, and dramatically improve their company’s bottom line. Read More

Jeffrey Heer

Trifacta | University of Washington

Jock Mackinlay


From profiling to analysis: Designing visualization tools for purpose

Design, User Experience, & Visualization
Location: 3D 03/10

The big data era has lead to the proliferation of new technologies that enable a wider set of users to more effectively analyze and consume data to improve operations and decision making. In large part, this has been brought about by the advancement and popularity of data visualization. Read More

Charting a Path Forward: The Future of Data Visualization

During last year’s closing keynote, Trifacta Co-founder & CXO, Jeffrey Heer, shared his perspective on how end user data visualization technologies need to evolve from designers to decision makers, and from specification to exploration.

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Strata + Hadoop World New York Sept 29–Oct 1

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