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Wrangling Data in Telecommunications

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Telecommunications Churn Demo

See how to use Trifacta for churn analysis

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Big Data Usage in Telecommunications

See how analysts can transform and derive insight from data.

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Turning complex telecommunications data into valuable insight

While telecommunications providers are used to dealing with large volumes of customer data, the considerable complexity of today’s data is a new challenge. They must quickly and accurately analyze contextual data from networks, devices, and social media in order to stay ahead of communication trends. With Trifacta, companies can explore and gain insight from raw data at the speed of their industry demands.

Business Operations

Reduce churn, gain billing assurance, and reduce fraud by wrangling complex call detail records. Map consumer patterns to business operations with a more accurate assessment of customers.

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Network Optimization

Accurately predict network demands by wrangling subscriber data with network capabilities at scale. Deliver insights that will reduce capacity, while also meeting expected performance.

Customer 360 Insights

Personalize services and recommendations with a variety of customer data—subscriber profiles, usage detail records (UDR), CRM data, and network traffic. Increase revenue with the inevitable uptick of data usage and services.

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Data Monetization and Target Marketing

Discover new revenue in local-based marketing by wrangling network data from deep packet inspection (DPI), subscriber, web browsing, and xDR usage data.

Trifacta is an essential component of data preparation for further analysis where you can complete a transformation as fast as a couple minutes, while using scripts will take much longer.

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