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Designer Cloud For the Snowflake Data Cloud

Designer Cloud For the Snowflake Data Cloud


Deliver intelligent, scalable data transformations with
Pushdown Optimization on Snowflake

Designer Cloud enables the modern data stack with advanced ELT solutions to help deliver high-quality data for analytics and machine learning. With a serverless, cloud-native solution, Alteryx delivers the only, open, and interactive SQL-based ELT solution on the Snowflake Data Cloud with optimized transformations in the cloud. Data engineers can increase their productivity by more than 2x without iterating on code as new data comes in. Business decision-makers can leverage a higher ROI by driving efficiency through cost optimization.

High-quality Data Profiling

Alteryx enables data practitioners to profile and analyze the quality of their data with active data profiling and identifying missing or incorrect data automatically. Translating this into the right transformations that are run on the Snowflake Data Cloud results in the right data being pushed down to downstream applications.

Increased Productivity

Designer Cloud innovation with an open, interactive, and SQL-based solution helps data engineers gain productivity by more than 2x. This is achieved by enabling them to move away from a code-centric, manual procedure to a self-service solution in the cloud delivering optimized data transformations, resulting in ease of use at scale.

Cost Optimization

With Designer Cloud serverless pushdown capabilities, you do not need to spin up or down compute clusters as your data scales. There are no compute resources to maintain, providing you with a cost-optimized solution leading to a higher rate of investment (ROI) and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta - Snowflake


“Our research shows about 75% of organizations use or plan to use the cloud for data and analytics. As cloud data warehousing and ELT approaches continue to grow, speed of execution and ease of use are critical for data professionals looking to transform large data sets for downstream analytics and machine learning.
Designer Cloud’s Pushdown Optimization for Snowflake comes at a critical time and solidifies the company’s position as a key innovator in data engineering.”


Trifacta Customers on Snowflake