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Achieve actionable data with the integration of Trifacta and Snowflake


Speed Up Data Preparation & Cleaning for Analytics in Snowflake

Data-driven organizations outpace their competition by utilizing differentiated data. Maximize your investment in Snowflake by empowering analysts, data scientists and data engineers with a data preparation platform built for today’s cloud data lakes and warehouses. Trifacta and Snowflake empower data professionals to connect, wrangle and publish clean data for analytics, machine learning and AI leveraging a centrally governed, native cloud platform.


Onboard Diverse Data Faster

Discover anomalies, clean messy data and blend disparate data sources prior to publishing to Snowflake’s data warehouse for analytics.

Modernize Reporting and Analytics

Utilize visual and machine learning-driven guidance to empower diverse users while also leveraging the elastic scale and automation of modern cloud platforms

Accelerate ML/AI Initiatives

Improve the speed and quality of common data prep tasks for machine learning such as feature engineering, attribute standardization and one-hot encoding.



Supported Services

Trifacta provides support for a range of native Snowflake features such as security, access controls and encryption as well as the cloud platform services required for deploying Snowflake on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


“Trifacta has empowered our business users to accelerate data preparation and provide a 3x improvement in turnaround-time. Snowflake’s unlimited scale, on-demand execution clusters, and support of a rich set of data formats have allowed Malwarebytes to centralize all data from transactions including billions of telemetry logs. With the integration of Trifacta and Snowflake, we can accelerate the process of preparing data in Snowflake and empower our business to do more with self-service analytics.”


Trifacta Customers on Snowflake