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Self-Service Sales Analytics

Create self-service, automated sales analytics pipelines in minutes


Trifacta helps ease the burden of data analytics placed on sales teams. Trifacta empowers non-technical users with an intuitive, visual interface to easily combine, prepare, and analyze data from disparate sources at the most granular level – without having to rely on IT. Using Trifacta, sales teams can spend less time preparing their data, and more time taking action on the data.

Automate Sales Analyses

Sales operations teams are frequently bogged down with the recurring analyses that are needed to provide up-to-date insights into forecasts, pipelines, performance of sales reps, and other business-critical items. Trifacta makes it easy to automate complex data tasks, allowing your sales teams to reduce repetitive data work without losing critical insights.

Combine Disparate Data

Sales analysis involves data from a huge number of sources and applications. Integrating, preparing, and cleansing all this disparate data to produce actionable insights is difficult and incredibly time-consuming. With a large library of pre-built connectors and transformation templates, Trifacta makes it intuitive to connect, transform, and standardize data from almost any source quickly and accurately.

Collaborate Easily With Self-Service Data

Sales professionals are the ones best suited to know what they need from their data, but data wrangling has historically been the domain of skilled data scientists and engineers. Trifacta makes it easy for non-data professionals to prepare and utilize their own data, while allowing for easy collaboration with IT when needed.


“You don’t need to be an IT pro, I have a business degree, you don’t need to go to school for Computer Science to use Trifacta. You can make a big difference in a surprisingly short amount of time.”

“We couldn’t accomplish these analytics and automated processes as well before Trifacta. Trifacta enables us to achieve things we couldn't do before. Trifacta automates tasks that I couldn’t get a human to do. I would have to hire bigger teams to accomplish what we can today.”