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Risk, Compliance and Security


Delivering Data-Driven Insights to Detect, Report and Prevent Threats

As business continues to migrate online, today’s enterprises need adaptive security solutions to protect data assets and manage risk. Airtight compliance and security programs require organizations to wrangle ever-growing diverse datasets for valuable context and smarter insights.


Corporate Fraud Detection

Wrangle comprehensive and complex data, such as multi-layered and multi-party emails or web chats, to better understand what constitutes deviant behavior.

Enable Information Security

Keep pace with the billions of security events your institution receives each day by empowering non-technical users to wrangle, investigate and clean datasets faster.

Prepare Data for Risk Modeling

Standardize and quantify structured and unstructured data types quickly to ensure accurate and replicable modeling results.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Track and isolate compliance-sensitive data, from transactions to emails, to ensure that industry and government standards are met.


Customers and Partners


““We faced many obstacles while using FAERS for Pharmacovigilance such as missing fields, inconsistent units, duplicate entries, and many drug name variations – clearly the data was a disaster. However, these issues were squashed using Trifacta. Advanced data wrangling greatly speeds data preparation and paves the way to achieve Pharmacovigilance for everyone.””