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Designer Cloud For Retail Operations

Delivering Advanced Insights For Retail Operations


Leading retailers use Designer Cloud to unlock the potential of their data, derive advanced insights, and achieve better sales analytics. With Designer Cloud, physical stores and online retail operations can become more efficient, understand disparate data better, orchestrate robust data pipelines, and run smooth end-to-end supply chains.


Unify Disparate Data

Retail data originates from disparate sources such as physical stores, POS systems, online activity, and third-party systems. Use of this data requires connectivity, blending, transformation, and standardization. Designer Cloud makes it intuitive to connect, combine, clean, transform, and use disparate data.

Enhance Sales Analytics

Designer Cloud enhances sales analytics by reducing the time required to transform data and automate data pipelines. Leading retailers use Designer Cloud to scale experiments and achieve granular insights that help drive increased sales across specific regions, brands, and stores.

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

Efficient supply chain operations depend on accurate, real-time insights and secure collaboration between retail operators, suppliers, and partners. Designer Cloud makes it intuitive to standardize data received from partners and communicate insights across the supply chain.

Automate Customer Insights

Designer Cloud makes it easy to pipeline data and automate the delivery of insights into downstream applications. Retailers can use Designer Cloud to unlock advanced customer segmentation or predict purchasing behavior and automatically deliver insights to the rest of the organization for actionable use.


“Thanks to a comprehensive approach to monitoring our eCommerce jewelry business, we’ve been reacting dynamically to our pricing and marketing strategy, which resulted in doubling our sales. This increase wouldn’t have been possible without Google Cloud’s smart analytics suite and in particular Dataprep by Trifacta, which gives us the ability to combine and standardize our data in a single view in record time.”

“Thanks to Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta’s self-service data engineering and its BigQuery Pushdown Optimization capabilities, we were able to spend 15 minutes rewriting a legacy process that historically took more than five hours to complete. Our new process runs in 22 seconds, dropping our consumption cost by approximately 90 percent.”