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Reporting and Analytics

Reduce the time to report data for analytics by up to 80%


Over 80% of analytics projects are spent preparing the data for analytics. Modern analytics requires capacity, scale, and automation, while also providing an interface for data professionals–those who know the data best–to explore, interact, and transform data for analysis. Combining interactive visualization with a code-free user interface, Trifacta makes discovering, blending, filtering, cleaning and aggregating data fast and intuitive. Once the work prep work has been completed, automate your data prep flows utilizing the elastics scale of the cloud.

Build Reports Faster

The biggest bottleneck to analytics success is time. Manual data preparation processes can prevent data professionals from levering their expertise to find new insights. Trifacta cuts the prep time from hours to minutes and can automate analytics pipelines for repeatable value.

Ensure High Data Quality

Poor data quality can lead organizations to make decisions on false or inaccurate information. Trifacta makes it easy to discover and resolve data quality issues faster. Trifacta gives you confidence in the accuracy of your data and the insights your data drives.

Leverage New Data Sources

Trifacta connects to a variety of file systems, data warehouses, applications and data marketplaces to give users access to data in its raw form. The ability to connect to data from a variety of different sources opens up the opportunity for finding new insights and driving better decisions.

Break Dependency on IT

Too often analytics projects are slowed down by manual work that could be automated with the right tools. But often those automation tools are meant for IT or highly technical users. Trifacta offers self-service data pipelines to automated analytics processes for repeatable value.



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“For us it’s important that it’s intuitive, so that we really have software that is easy to understand by business users, it’s improving the productivity of people within the bank, and we feel that with Trifacta they cover these areas very strongly.”

“Enterprises around the world are deploying enterprise data hubs, but need a well designed application for raw data exploration and transformation - Trifacta meets that need.”