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Designer Cloud for the Public Sector

Enabling Modern, Democratized Data Operations


Designer Cloud improves the speed and accuracy of public sector AI, analytics, and machine learning while addressing stringent requirements for data security, compliance, and regulation. Our data engineering cloud has proven performance helping agencies across the IC, defense, and civilian networks modernize and democratize their data operations.


Democratize Data Securely

It’s difficult to find people with the skills and clearances to utilize public sector data resources. With Designer Cloud, non-technical users can securely transform and process mission specific data with a no-code, self-service approach, expanding data operationalization and insights.

Accelerate Critical Research

To answer the critical questions of our time, public agencies must make use of vast quantities of diverse, complex data. Designer Cloud makes it easier to prepare data of all shapes and sizes for analysis and machine learning, helping accelerate research insights.

Streamline Financial Management

Public sector financial operations are complex, from auditing and compliance to healthcare and benefits administration. Designer Cloud makes it easier to blend and standardize data from disparate financial systems, understand spend allocation, and determine budgeting for your agency.

Empower AI Initiatives

Effective AI is increasingly vital to the accomplishment of key mission objectives. Designer Cloud’s secure and collaborative cloud platform increases the speed at which AI and ML models can be deployed by making it easier to profile, prepare, and pipeline data for AI and machine learning.


Trifacta Integrates Securely With Your Cloud Environment


“Each new dataset brings new challenges—in Europe, for example, commas need to be replaced with decimal points. With Trifacta, we’re able to easily examine and correct any data quality issues that arise.”