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Driving Marketing for the Modern Era

Marketing is a critical business function for just about every company. But cleansing, enriching, and structuring marketing lead data is notoriously difficult. Today, marketing departments are leveraging Trifacta to accelerate the data preparation process in order to drive advanced marketing analytics and develop healthy sales pipelines.


How Malwarebytes Uses Data Wrangling to Speed Up Lead Processing

With Trifacta, Malwarebytes is able to automate their pipeline ingestion process to accelerate lead processing and close deals faster. See how Malwarebytes has been able to cut in half their lead processing time and drive revenue with Trifacta’s data wrangling tools.


Onboard Marketing Leads

More quickly cleanse, enrich and prepare marketing leads from various sources in order to build a rich and actionable database of sales leads.

Perform Advanced Marketing Analytics

Quickly prepare complex marketing data such as text or social media data in order to better understand and market to prospective customers.

Understand the Efficacy of Marketing Campaigns

Prepare and join together data from various analytics streams in order to holistically understand the performance of any given marketing campaign.

Analyze Marketing Spend

Accelerate the process of prepare marketing spend and performance data to more quickly determine where to invest marketing dollars.


“Since using Trifacta, we have processed 40,000 leads in three months—this would have taken at least six months with our prior process.”