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Data-Driven Marketing Analytics

Integrate and automate marketing data pipelines at scale


As marketing data grows in volume and complexity, Designer Cloud makes it easier than ever for marketers to utilize their data resources at scale – without having to rely on IT. Using Designer Cloud, marketers can easily onboard data from different physical and digital channels, prepare data pipelines to feed critical marketing applications, and deliver insightful customer experiences using data-driven insights.

Measure Engagement Across Channels

Marketing data originates from disparate sources in various formats: website engagements, CRMs, email chains, in-store systems, clickstreams, social media data…the list goes on. Designer Cloud solves the complex problem of unifying and standardizing this data, making it easy to analyze and measure customer engagement across channels.

Enable Self-Service Data Pipelines

Marketers themselves are the ones best suited to know what they need from their data, but data wrangling has historically been the domain of skilled data scientists and engineers. Designer Cloud plays a key role in allowing marketing teams to wrangle and pipeline their own data using an intuitive, visual, no-code data engineering interface.

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Designer Cloud makes it easy to integrate data from numerous customer touchpoints and pipeline transformed data into downstream marketing applications. Use Designer Cloud to unlock your data resources and empower highly personalized customer experiences based on automated, real-time intelligence.


“SearchKings is a technology-based digital advertising agency. We chose Designer Cloud because of its data preparation platform that fully integrated with Google Cloud. Alteryx's solution will enable us to alleviate bottlenecks in our data pipelines. The Alteryx offering combines the technological solution and the right level of customer support and guidance we were looking for.”