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Designer Cloud for Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Delivering Automated Insights & Production Efficiencies


Designer Cloud enables optimized manufacturing and logistical operations, while increasing overall production efficiency with advanced data analytics and orchestrated data pipelines. With Designer Cloud, businesses can realize improved demand forecasting, achieve greater quality control, and gain greater visibility into critical production processes.


Optimize Manufacturing Operations

The Designer Cloud empowers users of any technical skill level to gain insights from their data accurately and efficiently. By reducing time-to-insight, manufacturers using Designer Cloud can achieve more of what matters, such as reducing waste and increasing production.

Improve Demand Forecasting

It’s challenging to meet demand while avoiding overproduction. Designer Cloud makes it easier to unify and standardize data feeds between manufacturers and distribution partners, providing greater visibility into inventory levels and demand trends across the supply chain to inform production.

Achieve Better Quality Control

Designer Cloud streamlines the preparation of data from disparate operations for automated and orchestrated data pipelines, allowing for the development of repeatable quality control processes that can identify issues early on in production flows.

Streamline Machine Monitoring

​​Designer Cloud makes it simple to create and automate complex data pipelines and feed insights into downstream applications. Using Designer Cloud, you can deliver greater visibility into your manufacturing and logistical operations, making it easier to identify and address potential production issues.