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Machine Learning and Data Science

Create high-quality machine learning models for your data science projects


Trifacta eliminates the frustrating and time-consuming tasks related to data preparation tasks for data science, like structuring unstructured text, one-hot encoding, scaling, standardizing, and normalizing data. With Trifacta, data scientists have tools to create consistent, high-quality, differentiated data for AI and ML models. Trifacta’s visual guidance and built-in machine learning create an interface focused on ease of use, instant validation, and powerful transformations. These features empower data scientists to perform the necessary transformations and data quality checks without the need for debugging, accelerating time-to-deploy models and improving accuracy in supported data science platforms.

Extract and Build Features with Ease

Easily Engineer features in your data by structuring text, extracting important values, one-hot encoding, scaling, standardizing and normalizing data. Trifacta makes it easy to understand the data you are working with and build features from it.

Monitor & Assess Data Quality

Monitor your data quality and changes over time to ensure you don’t automate decisions on bad data. Customize alerts based on data quality thresholds to continuously address any anomalies, and create data quality rules to control the job runs and outputs you create.

Build and Deploy Pipelines Fast

Automate your machine learning workflows so that your models continually update with new data. No more sending your work off to an IT team to deploy into production, Trifacta allows you to manage your own pipelines and adjust as needed.



Supported Services


“Consensus works with today’s leading connected device retailers to seamlessly integrate their operations across in-store, web, social and mobile channels. Our ability to manage and analyze diverse data from all of these different sources allows us to quickly identify critical events such as fraudulent activity for our Connected Commerce Revenue Cloud™ customers. By incorporating Trifacta and DataRobot into our data wrangling and machine learning operations, we have reduced our data manipulation and model development process from three to four weeks to a matter of days.”

“For us it’s important that it’s intuitive, so that we really have software that is easy to understand by business users, it’s improving the productivity of people within the bank, and we feel that with Trifacta they cover these areas very strongly.”


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