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Wrangling Data in Life Sciences

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Sanofi Wrangles Clinical Trial Data

Sanofi explores data for better cancer treatment with Trifacta

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Life Sciences White Paper

The opportunity for data wrangling life sciences and biopharmaceuticals

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Knowledgent's Tekathon Using Trifacta for Health and Life Sciences Analytics

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Pharmacovigilance Solution Brief

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Wrangling in Pharma Life Science

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GSK Customer Story

GSK wrangles clinical trial data to accelerate drug development

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Using new data types to drive drug innovation

Today’s forward-thinking life sciences companies are leveraging huge amounts of new data, such as genomics, social media and shared researches. Unlocking the potential of that data, however, is a significant hurdle, given the insufficient IT skills of most life scientists, biologists, and physicians. Trifacta’s self-service solution empowers non-technical users to dramatically reduce time spent cleaning and preparing data for analysis.

Accelerating Clinical Trials and Drug Innovation

Leverage new types of data to streamline clinical trials and discover new outcomes faster. Combine shared research data with clinical data, genetic profiles, patient adherence, and population data to enhance analysis.

Sanofi Customer Story
GSK Customer Story

Identify Adverse Drug Reactions

Wrangle FDA adverse events data with electronic medical records (EMR), census, and social media to detect early discrepancies with drug interactions and side effects.

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Optimizing Marketing

Identify consumer trends and marketing channel effectiveness by combining new data with existing CRM information. Create more personalized marketing to gain more customers, better cross-sell/upsell to existing customers and optimize pricing.

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Optimize Supply Chain Management

Better manage inventory and more accurately forecast demand by leveraging new data from sensors and devices. Reduce the time to curate big data sources and provide managers with new avenues to discover insights.

One of the reasons we've partnered closely with Trifacta is they've proven time and time again that they have the internal expertise to work with us on our data wrangling, and if it's in a new domain, they're more than willing to learn.

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