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Designer Cloud for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Building a Healthier World


Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta enables the transformation and orchestration of massive volumes of healthcare raw data into consumable data to accelerate clinical trials, deliver improved patient care, and streamline operations with a data-first approach.


Accelerated Clinical Trials

Designer Cloud uses intelligent data transformation with accurate data profiling to accelerate clinical trials. With Designer Cloud, clinical trials are 50% faster, millions of dollars cheaper, and prediction rates for new trials are 4 times more accurate.

Improved Patient Care

Designer Cloud helps analyze patient data across large healthcare networks securely and accurately.

Using Adaptive Data Quality rules, Designer Cloud keeps patient data secure and fresh to enable proactive, personalized experiences leading to happier patients.

Streamlined Operations

Designer Cloud helps healthcare providers connect, transform, and orchestrate data from different sources to downstream applications. With Designer Cloud, organizations achieve better insights leading to advanced analytics for more efficient operations.


How GSK Uses Trifacta for Clinical Trial Data to Accelerate Drug Development




“Trifacta is an essential component of our Shared Analytics platform, giving hundreds of analysts the ability to wrangle their own data and spearhead new initiatives.”