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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Transform your data for improved patient care and healthier outcomes


Leveraging New Data to Improve Patient Care

Healthcare networks and pharmaceutical companies alike are spearheading new analytic initiatives to better understand the effectiveness of drugs and procedures and improve the overall quality of care. With Trifacta, these companies are preparing increasingly complex data and dramatically reducing the drug development time.


How GSK Uses Data Wrangling for Clinical Trial Data to Accelerate Drug Development

See how GSK uses Trifacta’s Data Wrangling solutions to accelerate drug development by putting clinical trial data into the hands of the business user. GSK gets data from hundreds of sources and needs a solution that can standardize that data to provide insights. Learn how data wrangling enables GSK to compare & transform disparate data for a stronger R&D process.


Accelerate Clinical Trials and Drug Innovation

Leverage new types of data to streamline clinical trials and discover new outcomes faster. Combine shared research data with clinical data, genetic profiles, patient adherence, and population data to enhance analysis.

Identify Adverse Drug Reactions

Wrangle FDA adverse events data with electronic medical records (EMR), census, and social media to detect early discrepancies with drug interactions and side effects.

Improve Patient Treatments

Wrangle patient data across large healthcare networks to assess the effectiveness of patient treatments and determine how they should be reused or refined.

Predict Patient Needs

Combine a variety of demographic and patient data with real world factors to accurately predict when groups or individuals will require any given treatment. Proactively treat health problems to reduce overall healthcare costs.


““Trifacta is an essential component of our Shared Analytics platform, giving hundreds of analysts the ability to wrangle their own data and spearhead new initiatives.””