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Trifacta for IT Leaders


Centrally Managed Self-Service

IT departments have the challenging task of selecting technologies with organizational appeal that also meet their scalability and security concerns. With Trifacta, IT departments can have it all. Trifacta was architected to be open and adaptable to shifts in technologies, and is even replacing legacy technologies like SAS in some capacity.


Reduce SAS Licensing Spend

SAS excels at analytics and statistics, but isn’t a reliable technology for data preparation. Moving data prep to Trifacta increases the value driven through SAS, and reduces overall spend.

Drive New Analytics Initiatives

Trifacta’s powerful data preparation technology can handle the volume and diversity of today’s data, while also integrating with a modern analytics ecosystem.

Deliver Collaborative Self-Service

Trifacta makes data available to anyone in the business while allowing IT to oversee users with a collaborative governance model ensuring security and compliance.

Ensure Scalability for your Organization

As your data and processes scale, Trifacta can scale with it. Its architecture is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, including Google as the engine for Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta.