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Your Data is a Competitive Advantage

Today’s insurance companies are leveraging new and increasingly complex data sources in order to offer more competitive policies and reduce fraud, among other innovative initiatives. With Trifacta, insurance companies have allowed their underwriters and analysts prepare this data directly in order to accelerate the data preparation process at scale.

Improve Underwriting Risk Assessment

Enhance the speed and quality for how your agents identify and price risk for potential insurers. With Trifacta, risk analysts can more flexibly bring together diverse policy and claims data in half-the-time of manual excel or code-driven approaches.”

Quickly Detect Fraudulent Claims

Reduce time spent discovering fraud to increase the amount of time spent combating it. With Trifacta, insurance companies are able to detect claims fraud more quickly by leveraging Trifacta to accelerate the data preparation process.

Prepare Claims Data for Analysis

Quickly prepare millions of claims for analysis to uncover complex patterns, trends and correlations that otherwise would pass undetected.


“At New York Life, we’re undergoing a modernization of our analytics practices and technology to better leverage data for business-critical initiatives. As part of this effort, we’re investing in self-service data management and analytics technologies. We look forward to partnering with Trifacta on our technology journey.”

“Trifacta has allowed us to gain a better understanding of our data in less time and much earlier on in the process. We are extremely excited about its potential, and plan for company-wide adoption of Trifacta as one of our core technologies enabling self-service.”