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Analyze technology performance to deliver smarter and more capable products


Fuel Your Technology with the Right Data

The technology industry runs on data. From generating data to analyzing technology performance, data is an integral component—and often sold as the product itself. Today’s technology companies are leveraging Trifacta as a crucial component of their workflow and technology offering, delivering clients with smarter and more capable technologies.


Accelerate Client Onboarding

Trifacta accelerates the process of cleansing and standardizing client data to ingest it into specific technology platforms, allowing clients to more quickly see the value of the technology.

Determine Product Performance

More quickly understand wrangle performance analytics data to determine what can be improved upon for continued client success.

Manage Complex Data

Layer in multiple streams of complex data feeds into your platform by easily combining and standardizing this data in Trifacta. Set up scheduled times where the repeated feeds can be wrangled in Trifacta.


“SymphonyRM’s Health CRM platform enables health systems to inject value-prioritized Next Best Actions (NBAs), personalized to each and every consumer, across all channels. Our algorithms are fueled by a changing spectrum of diverse data sets. With Trifacta, we’ve been able to dramatically accelerate crucial data wrangling processes, and in turn, ensure SymphonyRM’s Clients have the best-in-class NBAs to achieve their growth, value, and quality goals.”