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Trifacta for Google Cloud

Trifacta Powers Google Cloud’s Native Dataprep Service

Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is a native Google Cloud service jointly developed and supported by the two companies. Cloud Dataprep combines Trifacta’s award-winning, interactive data wrangling experience with the elastic scale of Google Cloud storage and processing. Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta enables data engineers and analysts to prepare diverse data & configure data pipelines to feed downstream analytics and machine learning initiatives on Google Cloud. Cloud Dataprep is available in the GCP console and adheres to the same Google consumption, invoicing and security principles of Google Cloud.

Augment Marketing Analytics

Bring together diverse sources of marketing data from various Google services such as Google Analytics and Double Click to provide a more holistic view of your marketing campaigns.

Advance Cloud Data Warehouse Adoption

Enhance the quality and value of data available in BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep’s automated data cleaning and transformation capabilities.

Refine Your Cloud Data Lake

Empower analysts, data scientists and engineers to access and refine raw data in Google Cloud Storage in a centrally governed platform.

Supported Services

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Dataflow
  • Google BigQuery
  • BigQuery ML
  • Google Data Studio
  • Looker
  • Google AutoML
  • Cloud ML Engine

“Cloud Dataprep allows us to quickly explore new datasets and its flexibility supports all our data transformation needs. Data preparation work at Merkle is now completed in minutes, not hours or days, accelerating our data preparation time by 90%.”

The biggest bottleneck we see in organizations transitioning to the cloud for their analytics is data ingestion, preparation, and cleaning. Initially, organizations need to move data to a common cloud data lake or warehouse leveraging an ETL platform such as Cloud Data Fusion and once it’s there it needs to be exposed to end-users in a self-service manner for the specific use case they’re trying to execute. This is exactly why we partnered with Trifacta on Google Cloud Dataprep to provide our customers with the best cloud solution for data integration and data wrangling.