For Data Analysts

Improve reporting efficiency

Increase the Speed and Scale of Analysis Across Your Business

Work faster and smarter with intuitive data wrangling.

Prepare More Data for Analysis in Less Time

Spend more time analyzing data, not putting it together. Combine massive, disparate datasets with a few clicks and format the output for a variety of downstream uses. Trifacta cuts time spent preparing data by upwards of 90% and tracks every transformation for a repeatable and scalable model for your organization.

Work with Larger and More Complex Data

The scale and complexity of data is outgrowing your existing tools and infrastructure. Trifacta provides a breakthrough approach to data wrangling enabling analysts to improve the efficiency of analytic processes. Unlike traditional tools, Trifacta is built to handle the scale and complexity of today’s data.

Build Collective Intelligence Across Teams

Your team works together, so why wrangle data apart? Replace siloed spreadsheets, with Trifacta’s uniform process that ensures consistency and scalability across the entire organization. Leverage the shared knowledge and context of your organization to drive repeatable, data-driven innovation.