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Execute new analytics initiatives

Move Past Your Competition by Using Data to Drive Innovation

Take your business to the next level with insights that impact your bottom line.

Leverage New, Complex Data Sources in Analysis

Much of the data involved in new analytic projects is unfit for traditional tools like Excel because of the volume or semi-structured nature of the data. With Trifacta, your team can successfully execute new analytics initiatives by allowing analysts to effectively work with the new data sources or combinations of data that make up these initiatives.

Empower Analysts to Wrangle Data Themselves

Although data scientists often have the technical ability to work with complex data sources, they are limited resources and can’t scale to the growing needs of your business. Trifacta removes your team’s reliance on technical resources by providing a solution for analysts to explore and prepare data themselves.

Accelerate Data Preparation with Intelligence

Legacy tools require users to painstakingly specify every detail of every action they’d like to take. With Trifacta, intelligence is the backbone of our user experience and it is leveraged throughout our workflow to guide users through wrangling their data – making the end-to-end process up to 90% faster.