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Trifacta For Financial Services

Delivering Resilient, Secure, and Compliant Solutions


Trifacta brings together a broad set of purpose-built capabilities for the financial services industry that address the stringent requirements of security, compliance, and customer experience. With Trifacta, organizations across banking, insurance, and asset management are ready today and prepared for the changing needs of tomorrow.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud costs businesses billions of dollars annually, denting customer trust. Trifacta helps in detecting fraud behavior by constantly analyzing data and learning complex patterns. Trifacta uses intelligent data analysis and implements adaptive quality rules to detect and prevent fraud.

Risk Analysis and Management

Risk is inherent in many operations including credit, operations, and market investments. Trifacta helps organizations with real-time insights to identify risks, monitor discrepancies, and respond to anomalies quickly and accurately.

Compliance and

Understanding how and when data was accessed is critical. Using Trifacta, organizations can address all compliance and data governance requirements to the highest standards, in real-time enabling a secure and transparent environment.

Superior Customer Experience

Trifacta helps organizations gain visibility, engage with customers, and deliver the right information. Delivering personalized experiences by combing through vast amounts of data with agility helps drive business and innovation


How ABN Amro uses Trifacta to improve productivity




“Our automation engine is driven by data. We needed a platform that was capable of connecting to our large volume of data, with real-time or near real-time wrangling and, most of all, that has a simple UI that our existing knowledge workers who have the domain knowledge could be trained to use.”

“At ABN AMRO, we're focused on democratizing data to accelerate automated decision making. This requires an intuitive approach that allows business users and technical users to collaborate in building high-quality data products. The combination of Trifacta and Databricks enables this”