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Wrangling Data in Financial Services

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Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Case Study

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Six Steps of Wrangling Insurance Data

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Financial Services Solution Brief

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Wrangling Data in Financial Services

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Knowledgents Tekathon Using Trifacta

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Empowering Financial Services Organizations to Drive Innovation with Data

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Turning the digital revolution into valuable business insights

From hourly transactions and claims to high frequency trading, the financial industry relies on ever-changing data. However, culling through terabytes of unformatted, unstructured data for the right information is often slow and costly. To compete in an increasingly competitive market, financial institutions need to discover insights faster than ever.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Normalize large volumes of diverse, detailed data to identify missing data or errors and ensure compliance with today’s strict regulatory requirements, including The Dodd Frank Act, Basel guidelines, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Develop a 360° View of Your Customers

Better understand unique customer behavior by segmenting interactions across a wide variety of channels and applications. Deliver a better customer experience with personalized consultations and targeted financial products and services.

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Identify and Manage Risk

With new data sources, develop more accurate risk modeling that appease compliance reporting and stress testing. Navigate precarious financial markets with newfound certainty.

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Detect Complex Fraud

Protect valuable assets and maintain trust by more quickly detecting unauthorized transactions, mortgage fraud, or money laundering. Improve accuracy by combining multi-structured data from all angles of a transaction to find both internal and external fraud patterns.

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Assess Portfolio Valuations

Reduce mortgage defaults by incorporating unstructured data, such as property valuation, crime report data and public sentiment data, into default models.

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Improve Investment Management

Drive investment management with diverse data sources, such as pensions, contribution records or social network data, for robust and innovative portfolios.

With Trifacta as a partner, we are on our way to building a world-class data capability that will help us better understand and better serve our customers.

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