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Financial Services

Data Preparation for Financial Services

Utilize Data as Your Competitive Advantage

The race for innovation is redefining the financial services landscape as more and more institutions adopt data-driven customer relationship management, machine learning and AI to radically improve their operations and customer experience. With Trifacta, financial institutions are more quickly preparing everything from transaction data to customer web chat data to decrease their time-to-analysis.

Keep Pace with Compliance Regulations

Meeting compliance requires large-scale calculations, agile modifications, and a clear understanding of how and when the data was transformed. Trifacta offers a regulatory toolkit to expedite regulatory reporting, allowing banks to complete requirements with greater efficiency and security.

Execute Advanced Customer Analytics

Gain a true 360º view of your customers by wrangling new, complex data sources—call log, web chat, social media, web interaction data—to serve as the basis of advanced prediction models. Trifacta connects users with the vast amount of customer-generated data across the organization.

Enable Risk Management

Whether credit, operational, or market risk, data is at the heart of preemptive risk identification. Trifacta empowers users to explore new and existing data sources to add greater breadth to insights and more quickly expose liabilities.

Complex Fraud Detection

Protect valuable assets and maintain trust by more quickly detecting unauthorized transactions, mortgage fraud, or money laundering. Improve accuracy by combining multi-structured data from all angles of a transaction to find both internal and external fraud patterns.

With Trifacta as a partner, we are on our way to building a world-class data capability that will help us better understand and better serve our customers.