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Data Science


A Data Scientist’s Secret Weapon

Organizations are increasingly investing in data scientists to tackle thorny data science problems. But all too often, these data scientists end up spending the majority of their time preparing data—not on the challenging work they were hired to do. With Trifacta, data scientists are able to accelerate the data preparation process and increase their focus on the work that moves the needle.


Maximize Data Science Resources

Get the most out of your data scientists by allowing them to spend time on the work that matters—not on preparing data.

Improve Model Development

More quickly prepare huge quantities of training data for machine learning models while also ensuring that the data has been properly cleansed and enriched, leading to accurate, more robust results.

Scale Data Science

With the right technologies, data science is becoming increasingly accessible. Trifacta gives everyone in the organization the ability to prepare data for their own data science initiative.


““We invested in Trifacta to more efficiently wrangle new and complex data for our advanced data model. Trifacta has helped reduce our overall model development time from six weeks to one week, allowing us to more quickly detect and alert retailers of suspicious activity that indicates fraud.””