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Combining and Cleaning Disparate Data
to Fuel Data-Driven Solutions

Combining Disparate Data Into a Consistent View

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A Survivor’s Guide To Combining Unfamiliar, Disparate Data

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Combining Disparate Data in a Single View

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Combining data sources to fuel data-driven solutions

Data onboarding is an iterative process of combining unfamiliar data from disparate data sources, both internal and external to an organization into a consistent view to fuel data-driven solutions. Data vendors, analytics applications, data services companies, and data driven departments need clean and accurate data to run their business. With Trifacta, the data onboarding process can be cut by 80% or more.

Data onboarding Challenges

Failing data onboarding endangers the whole outcome of a data driven solution. Data onboarding done with Excel, MSFT Access, or common tools can be prone to error, hard to maintain, often slow, and not scalable. Why? Because data is complicated, inconsistent, always changing, and growing fast.

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Survivors guide to combining disparate data
Combining disparate Data in a Single view

Data Quality Matters

Without good data, you cannot have good insight. Valuable data requires data accuracy, consistency, completeness, and relevance. Thanks to Trifacta’s built-in interactive profiling, one can identify data errors and inconsistencies and use Trifacta’s predictive transformations to clean data in record time.

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Dealing with third-party and unstructured data

Most organizations rely upon third-party data and most business interactions are unstructured in nature. Third party, means unfamiliar data with no control over what is in the data. This data has to be assessed, structured and standardized to fit internal norms to enrich the internal data’s value

Trifacta’s intuitive interface empowers everyone to prepare complex unfamiliar data sources:

Wrangle third party data in record time
Difference between structured and unstructured data

Trifacta adoption by data-driven companies

Companies relying heavily on data to create data products, services or data applications need to onboard data as fast as possible to grow their customer base and improve customer satisfaction.

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