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Customer Success


Improve the Relationship with your Customers

Gaining a competitive edge rests largely upon the ability to better understand and respond to customers’ shifting needs. With Trifacta, companies are preparing data from various support channels to analyze customer behavior and are more quickly onboarding customer data in order to provide them with best-in-class service.


Predict and Decrease Customer Churn

Better understand, predict, and decrease customer churn by incorporating new data sources with traditional CRM data to create advanced analytic models.

Deliver Data Services to Customers Faster

Accelerate the time-intensive process of onboarding various customer data so that you can more quickly take action on the services they need.

Provide Personalized Recommendations

Earn more repeat customers by analyzing data that will help you suggest the right products to drive upsell or continued purchases.

Improve your Customer Service Training

Analyze the performance of your customer service agents across email, web chats, or social email to better understand what’s working and how they can improve.


““With Trifacta as a partner, we are on our way to building a world-class data capability that will help us better understand and better serve our customers.””