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Wrangling Data for a 360 View of Customers

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Knowledgents Tekathon uses Trifacta for Health & Life Science

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Turning small customer interactions into big insights

Gaining a competitive edge rests largely upon a business’ ability to pinpoint their customers’ shifting needs, preferences, and behaviors. With Trifacta, companies can segment large quantities of customer data—all from various channels and applications—into unique customer profiles, gaining a more accurate understanding of their consumer base.

Predict Churn

Better understand, predict, and decrease customer churn by incorporating new data sources with traditional CRM data to create advanced analytic models.

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Enhance Customer Service

Add years to the lifetime value of your customers by leveraging powerful interaction data to better understand—and proactively address—your customers’ needs. Gain valuable insight from each customer touchpoint to further build the products and experiences that customers love.

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Improve Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Gain deeper insight into your current marketing strategy to better understand which channels and formats offer the best ROI. Wrangle data sources from all touchpoints for a more accurate understanding of your customers’ behavior.

Improve Loyalty with Personalized Product Recommendations

Drive more return customers by wrangling multi-structured customer data to personalize the customer experience with acute micro-segments and effectively upsell new products and/or suggest the next best offer.

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Trifacta is enabling RBS to interrogate new datasets giving us a capability we didn't have before and we're using it to make a difference to our customer experience.

Leading customer 360 businesses trust Trifacta