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Data Preparation on Microsoft Azure

With an extensive data services offer, Microsoft Azure is a solid choice for a cloud data analytics strategy from ingestion, storage, processing, reporting, and machine learning. Trifacta brings to data driven organizations a native and integrated data preparation solution leveraging Microsoft Azure to drive the data from raw material to a refine asset for data driven initiatives.


Next Generation Cloud Data Preparation

With its comprehensive support for Microsoft Azure data services components, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage Blob, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure HD Insight, Azure Databricks, Trifacta makes the ideal choice with the most comprehensive coverage for an Azure based analytics strategy.

Up and running in minutes on Microsoft Azure

Flexibility to leverage Azure HDInsight or Azure Databricks for elastic data processing

Native integration with Azure security

Also available on Microsoft Marketplace

The most comprehensive Azure data services integration for Data Preparation

“Clean data is critical to any information-based organization,” said Charlotte Yarkoni, VP C+E Growth and Ecosystems. “But the process of cleaning and preparing data for use is time consuming and challenging. Trifacta, by leveraging Microsoft Azure big data and advanced analytics services, arms our shared customers with the ability to simplify those processes in order to more efficiently analyze the data and seek out meaningful insights.”