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Automate Data Prep on Azure: No Coding Required

Without clean, trusted, well-prepared data, your analytics will yield poor results. For organizations looking to accelerate their analytics journey on Microsoft Azure, they can rely on Trifacta to provide clean, connected and trusted data to fuel their analytics projects. Trifacta’s industry-leading data preparation solution integrates natively with a wide range of components and services that are part of the Azure Cloud Platform, such as Azure data lake and Azure Synapse. Most importantly, it takes into consideration key security requirements to ensure data access and processing meet strict enterprise governance standards and protocols.

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Refine Your Azure Data Lake

Tightly integrated with the Azure ecosystem, Trifacta automates data profiling, blending and collaboration in your Microsoft Azure data lake to drive adoption and analytics success.

Accelerate Time-to-Analysis

Trifacta delivers clean, well-prepared data to your Azure Synapse by providing an interactive data prep solution that can be used by any analyst to accelerate BI reporting.

Improve AI/ML Outcomes

Cut down data wrangling time for your AI/ML projects with an easy-to-use data preparation solution on Azure that ensures faster, more accurate predictions.


How Trifacta Fits into the Azure Ecosystem


Supported Services

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Storage Blob
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure HDInsights
  • Azure Active Directory

“Clean data is critical to any information-based organization, but the process of cleaning and preparing data for use is time-consuming and challenging. Trifacta, by leveraging Microsoft Azure big data and advanced analytics services, arms our shared customers with the ability to simplify those processes in order to more efficiently analyze the data and seek out meaningful insights.”


Trifacta Customers on Microsoft Azure