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Data Preparation for Amazon Web Services

Data driven organizations shifting their analytic workloads on the AWS cloud can benefit from Trifacta integration with AWS data services to maximize their return on data. Trifacta runs on EC2 and has direct connections to Amazon S3 and RedShift leveraging the power of EMR to prepare the data at scale and supply BI tools and SageMaker for ML initiatives.


Next Generation Cloud Data Preparation

Together, AWS and Trifacta create a powerful cloud analytics platform. One can perform every step of the analytics journey: data collection, transformation, storage and analysis, at enterprise scale with AWS and Trifacta solution.

Up and running in minutes on AWS

Fully leverage EMR parallel and elastic capabilities for unlimited scalability

Native integration with AWS security

Available for public and private cloud

Also available on AWS Marketplace

S3 & Redshift Read & Write

“With Trifacta Pro on AWS S3, we’ve expanded data wrangling to individuals that are more closely aligned to our customers’ needs, which has ultimately allowed us to deliver value faster.”