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Trifacta Security & Trust Center

Security is always top priority


The Trifacta platform is built with ease of use, performance, reliability, and security at its core to protect your most valuable asset. Trifacta follows rigorous monitoring and controls to ensure that Trifacta complies with regulation programs to assure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.


Data Security

Trifacta’s dedicated security team works to ensure that key security practices are in place and operating effectively.

Trifacta is SOC 2 Type II certified. Additional certifications including ISO 27001 are in the process of being confirmed.

Please work with your sales representative to view the details of our compliance program including certifications, reports, and pre-filled questionnaires.

Reach out to our team at with any security questions. 

Data Privacy

Understand how Trifacta honors your data privacy rights.

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Trifacta Website Terms of Use

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please send us a message to

How Data Security Works in Trifacta

Trifacta’s data preparation platform is architected with data security in mind.

Trifacta translates user-generated metadata describing data transformation logic into a job executed in a scalable data processing engine (such as AWS EMR, Snowflake, Google Cloud BigQuery or Google Cloud Dataflow).

The job reads, transforms, and writes your data between your source and your target systems with data never persisted outside of your resources. Trifacta uses a secure connection between your source and target systems.

Trifacta’s web-interface is leveraged by users to define the data transformation logic and scheduled job execution. Trifacta stores these definitions in the form of metadata within an encrypted relational database, but Trifacta does not store any of your actual data.

Trifacta inherits existing user permissions set on data resources. As such, users can only prepare the data they have access to.

Because Trifacta provides a single point of access for preparing your data, you can establish a robust self-service analytics governance infrastructure. Everyone within your company can answer their own questions while keeping data sprawl to a minimum and access to sensitive information restricted.