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Top Data Wrangling Use Cases in Enterprise Analytics

Data wrangling has quickly become a hot topic and technology category within the big data analytics industry. Stakeholders across business and IT are hungry to learn the right way to think about applying these new wrangling solutions to the data and analytics efforts of their organization. As with any emerging technology, the leading question from organizations still learning about data wrangling is, “How are other organizations wrangling data and what are the benefits they are realizing?” If this question sounds familiar, then this is the session for you.

Connor Carreras offers an in-depth review of the most popular use cases for data wrangling solutions among enterprise organizations, explaining how leading organizations, such as PepsiCo, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Kaiser Permanente, are leveraging data wrangling to accelerate analysis processes and uncover new sources of business value by incorporating new data sources that were previously too difficult to work with. Connor also addresses common questions for data wrangling solutions, including: Where do data wrangling tools fit? Who are the ideal users? How are security and data governance managed?