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The Modern Data Management Platform: Unifying the Data Warehouse and the Data Lake

Recent TDWI research conducted with organizations that are modernizing their enterprise data architectures and transitioning to the cloud has surfaced the need for both a uniform platform to support analytics and a unified strategy for collecting and managing structured, semistructured, and unstructured data to empower data analysts and data scientists. Supporting the evolution of a modern data management platform requires interoperability among a variety of different types of technologies to enable the analytics life cycle.

In this webinar, TDWI affiliate analyst David Loshin provides an overview of trends in developing a unified data management platform, followed by a panel discussion about some of the emerging and enduring data architecture and governance issues associated with the modern hybrid cloud environment. Our panelists provide insight into unified data platforms and explore the different ways that technology vendors are empowering their clients to draft their data architecture strategies and plans for modernization.

Watch to learn about:

  • Balancing cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes
  • Understanding how cloud data architectures impact management
  • Hybrid cloud data architectures
  • Addressing the complexity of hybrid cloud data pipelines
  • Data preparation in the unified platform
  • Data awareness and data governance in a distributed environment

Speakers from Matillion, Snowflake, & Trifacta