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Best Practices for Pricing Optimization with Proper Data Preparation Webinar

In complement to this in depth webinar, we delivered this whitepaper to get you on track on pricing optimization analytics. Download the whitepaper here.

Accurate pricing is one of the biggest influences on profit growth. However, obtaining a profit of 1% isn’t easy, especially since progress towards optimal pricing is not linear. This webinar recording highlights the need and the processes for preparing clean data for modern pricing implementations. Data preparation can take up to 80% of the entire project effort. If the standardization process and cleaning of the data is not done properly, the entire initiative may be jeopardized. TheTopLineLab and Trifacta are introducing a new framework towards a Common Data Model in pricing to streamline the entire process including data preparation, analytics, and predictive modeling.

In this webinar recording, Dr. Manu Carricano and Mr Bertrand Cariou, discuss and demonstrate how modern pricing data architecture will unlock opportunities that can dramatically improve your company’s bottom line through greater efficiency.

You will learn the following:

  • How to unlock opportunities for optimization and automation of the full pricing process with analytics and predictive models
  • What self-service data preparation is and how it accelerates and leads to greater data accuracy and more meaningful insights for your data initiatives
  • How to leverage a cloud-based analytics solution to fast-track a pricing optimization initiative
  • How the logic of a Common Data Model can ease the setting and execution of the data preparation process
  • How TheTopLineLab methodology and Trifacta solution in action, can provide real value to your organization.