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How Nordea Uses Data to Comply with Financial Regulations

How Nordea Uses Data to Comply with Financial Regulations

Complying with industry regulations is a deep-seated function for financial institutions, but the ever-changing nature and nuanced complexities of these regulations can be a strain on resources. Today’s institutions are turning to big data to dramatically reduce their response time to regulations and free up resources to focus on revenue drivers.

In this video, Executive Vice President Alasdair Anderson from Nordea Bank AB, a Global Systemically Important Bank (GSIB), explained:

  • How the combined solutions from Cloudera, Trifacta, and Arcadia Data has allowed Nordea to more quickly comply with regular and ad-hoc compliance reporting requirements.
  • The benefits that self-service has had on its business, and how the use of these technologies has spurred innovation within the organization.
  • How to leverage these technologies via a short demonstration, with a focus on identifying and resolving financial data quality issues

Featured Speakers: 
Alasdair Anderson, Head of Data Engineering, Nordea Bank AB
Paul Lynn, Product Engineering Team Lead, Nordea Bank AB